Foreigners worst off in Sweden for unemployment

swedenOf all the EU countries, Sweden is the worst to be in if you are foreigner entitled to stay but still seeking a job. It has the highest gap of unemployment discrimination between locals and no-nationals.

A report, carried out by Statistics Sweden over a 12 year period, indicate that the country has a poorer record than any other EU country. This is despite having a good record in overall unemployment, where fewer than 18 per cent of the unemployed remained so for more than a year.

However, 50 per cent of foreigners who were unemployed took more than a year to find a job, compared to only a third among those born locally. It was unclear whether this was the result of discrimination among employers or a lack of skills among the foreigners.

In other EU countries, such as Poland and Malta, there reverse was true; where foreigners managed to find work quicker than their local counter parts. This might be related to their willingness to do any type of work.

In a separate report, it was discovered that seven out of 10 new jobs created were filled by immigrants.