ElCorrect improved electrical equipment on board Huginn VE55 states vessel’s Chief Engineer

elCorrect23Willum Andersen, Chief Engineer on board pelagic fishing vessel Huginn VE55, has stated that ElCorrect™, the flagship product of ISELCO, has significantly improved the electrical system on board the vessel.

Chief Engineer Willum Andersen contacted the technicians at ISELCO after hearing about the work at the Iceland-based energy consulting and ecological electric company.

Engineers on board Huginn VE55 had been experiencing problems with the vessel’s main switchboard as well as other unusual electrical behaviour.

ISELCO technicians conducted a series of measurements on board the ship and recommended a custom ElCorrect™ solution that would increase the power quality and resolve the issues that were causing problems on board.

Willum Andersen states:

“We were encountering problems with overload in our electrical system, that’s why we were in contact with ISELCO’s technicians. They installed measurement equipment on board our vessel and came back to us with some interesting results on things, such as THD disturbances that were discovered because of the measurements conducted by the team.”

“ISELCO offered us a solution that could reduce our load and reduce the THD values on board our vessel. ISELCO also custom made the unit so it would fit the only location we had available on board. We installed this solution and from the first moment we turned on the system, our problem of overloading the ship’s electrical system is no longer there, and we have noticed great a difference in running our engine and generators.”

To find out more about ElCorrect™ and ISELCO, visit www.iselco.is