HB Grandi orders two new fishing boats

fishing-210409Icelandic fishing firm HB Grandi has agreed a deal to buy two new pelagic fishing boats. The first is due to be delivered early in 2015, while the next will arrive in autumn later that year.

The first of the two vessels is likely to take the place of the Lundley and Vikingur boats, both of which are now 53 years old.

HB will hold off making a decision on the future of the Faxi and Ingunn vessels until closer the time the second boat is received. The new ships are designed to ensure better catch handling by having the ability to pump from a trawl net’s codend at the stern.

The Icelandic company has signed a contract with Turkey-based Celiktrans Denis Insaat, which will build the two new vessels, each of which will measure 80 metres in length and have a 17-metre beam. The price of the contract is believed to be 44.50m euros (ISK 7.20bn).

Separately, HB has also revealed that it wants to see its fresh fish production increase substantially at its Akranes and Reykjavik locations now new quotas have been introduced. Increased quotas for redfish, saithe and cod have been introduced, while the company has also decided to put greater emphasis on fresher vessels and reduce its freezer trawler fleet.

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