Barrie Osbourne plans to film Viking trilogy in Norway

vikingLord of the Rings producer Barrie Osbourne has revealed he is hoping Norway can offer him the financial incentive to shoot a $100m Viking movie trilogy there modeled on his most famous work. Osbourne, who also produced the Matrix trilogy, said he plans to make a new trilogy based on Harald Hardrada, the last Viking king, who was killed in his efforts to conquer England in 1066.

The producer explained that the film will be about how King Harald evolved from a young boy to one of the most powerful rulers of his era. He noted Harald’s story is so epic that it cannot all fit in one film so a trilogy will be created. He said he intends to give his new film a similar structure to Lord of the Rings, with the hero travelling through many kingdoms and countries.

Osbourne noted that there is no film incentive programme in Norway, so he wants the government to refund 20 per cent of the budget. He went on to say the funds could be taken from the country’s tourist budget as the movie could impact Norway’s tourism in a similar way that Lord of the Rings did to New Zealand. He added that if you want a big film shot in your country, it is essential for the authorities to help.