Greenland’s sole Muslim resident fasts 21 hours

nuuk littleThe only Muslim living in Greenland managed to fast for an incredible 21 hours as he marked the religious month of Ramadan. With the month drawing to a close, Lebanese citizen Wassam Azaqeer went to extra lengths to prove his faith, revealed an Arab TV report.

According to the report, Azaqeer, who lives in the Greenland capital Nuuk, is the only Muslim residing in the country, where the sun goes down for just a few hours a day at this time of year.

While the majority of Muslims partaking in the religious festival may have to fast for between 12-16 hours depending on where they live, Greenland’s geographical location – between the Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic – coupled with the month this year’s Ramadan fell, meant Azaqeer had to fast for 21 hours.

Azaqeer has spent many years in Greenland, where he runs his own restaurant in Nuuk. After his 21-hour fast, he had just two hours to prepare his food and offer Isha and Maghrib prayers. He said he was proud to be the only Muslim living in, fasting and praying in Greenland.

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