Danish dating site launches for singles wanting children

Danish politician trashed for burka-bin bag Facebook postA dating site aimed towards singles seeking a partner to have kids with has launched in Denmark this week. The site’s founder, Emmanuel Limal, said that it is currently attracting more men than women. He explained that he came up with the idea for Babyklar.nu (baby-ready) after seeing a woman on a different dating site apologies for wanting to find someone to have a baby with.

Limal, who is a playwright, actor and engineer, said that he feels a lot of it is because we constantly have to sell ourselves, explaining that many singles are reluctant to talk about having children on online forums. He noted that the majority of people prefer to discuss exciting things rather than mention things such as family and children.

He went on to say that many people on dating sites believe that they would narrow down their options by mentioning having children as they feel more people will be attracted to them if they talk about other things. However, he said that by not being true to yourself, you attract the wrong people.

Since the website launched on Monday, it has received an hourly average of 50 new members, with slightly over half of them being men. Limal said that one man even wrote to him to thank him for his idea, saying that he was relieved to be on a site where he knows who wants to have kids.

Last year, Denmark’s birth rate dropped to its lowest level in over 20 years, about 1.7 children per women.

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