Valitor: Europe’s second largest issuing services provider of pre-paid Visa credit cards

Issuing and acquiring services provider Valitor makes mark on global stageIceland-based acquiring services provider Valitor has been named as Europe’s second largest issuing services provider of pre-paid Visa cards after two years in operation.

Valitor has been providing issuing services since 1983, whereby the company has grown from being the main partner of Visa and MasterCard in Iceland, to the second largest issuer of pre-paid Visa credit cards in Europe.

Valitor has partnered with an array of financial institutes and businesses to expand its services to a wider client base including CorporatePay, and PRESEND Nordic AB. CorporatePay helps clients maximise profitability by designing and delivering world-class pre-paid card programmes, regardless of industry or size.

PRESEND Nordic AB is a subsidiary of Retain24, Sweden’s largest gift card processor. PRESEND offers simple, secure and flexible Visa pre-paid card solutions in the Nordic region.

Furthermore, Valitor has recently won two international Card and Payment Awards for its innovative solutions a ceremony held in London, UK, which took place on 6th March 2013.

“We are extremely elated for this high-profile recognition; we pride ourselves in our long established partnerships and clientele of 30 years,” commented Viðar Þorkelsson, CEO of Valitor.

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