Revealed: Cruise nearly killed while filming in Iceland

Tom CruiseThe movie Oblivion, filmed in Iceland recently with Tom Cruise, nearly had a prophetic ending for the box office heart-throb when dangerous scenes got out of control. Revealing the incident on Ireland’s The Late Late Show, co-star Olga Kurylenko recounts how she nearly caused a potentially fatal accident while shooting a scene with Cruise.

“We were riding a motorbike together, I tried to take control of the handlebars and we almost had an accident,” she said.

Cruise separately commented on the incident, “We were riding over rough terrain in Iceland and I said to her ‘All you have to do is really hold on to me.’ She had to hold on tight as every bump we hit I had to accelerate. But every time we hit a bump, her hands left my sides and she tried to grab the handlebars.”

“I’ve never experienced anything like that in my life, I was so shocked, I almost killed us and I kept saying to Olga, ‘Listen, we are moving at 50 miles an hour, please please let go’. So I was driving and we’d hit a little bump and I’d be slapping her hand and I was thinking I hope the camera doesn’t see me slapping her hand.”

The French actress, of Ukrainian origin, has previously imperiled the life of her co-star. During the filming of Quantum of Solace with Daniel Craig she was at the wheel of a car that Craig was meant to jump into.

“I nearly killed him. We were filming a stunt where I was driving and Daniel was meant to jump in the car but I pulled off too quickly and left one of his legs hanging out. It was quite dangerous but at the end of the day he was still alive.”

On the other hand, Tom Cruise revealed in an interview on German TV that his time spent in Iceland during the shooting of Oblivion helped him to get over the shock of his divorce with Katie Holmes.