Finland’s state railway blocks Spotify, Dropbox and Youtube

norway train littleThe state railway company in Finland has banned the use of Youtube and Spotify and other bandwidth-hogging websites through its onboard Wi-Fi network. Officials from VR said on Tuesday that the move was designed to prevent its network from being clogged to ensure that all passengers will be able to enjoy basic Wi-Fi connectivity on its trains.

VR first introduced wireless internet connections in 2010 on high-speed Pendolino services and expended the scheme to InterCity trains in early 2012.

In addition to Youtube and Spotify, the rail operator has also banned the use of Vimeo, Dropbox, Netflix, Windows Update and Steam.

VR’s long-distance service head Ari Vanhanen told the media, “It cannot be that a few people use the whole bandwidth for themselves. The kind of investment that would ensure enough capacity for everyone to use every service, would not be possible with a reasonable budget,” the YLE news agency reports.

He went on to add that he company would continue to work with telecommunications providers to improve onboard connection speeds and stability.