Russell Crowe reminisces about his stay in Iceland on NBC

Russell Crowe In a recent interview on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, Australian actor Russell Crowe evoked his recent stay in Iceland, mostly praising the country’s beautiful nature.

The actor does however mention that living in Iceland wasn’t always easy. “When a summer is good, it means that there have been 10 sunny days in a row. And the weather changes all of a sudden!” Russell Crowe told Jay Leno.

The Oscar-winning star was stationed in Iceland for several weeks last summer for the shooting of the upcoming biblical epic “Noah” under the direction of Darren Aronofsky. Russell Crowe drew considerable attention from Icelanders, making himself rather accessible to the locals during his stay in Fossvogur in the South of Iceland and appearing on stage for several free gigs during Reykjavik’s Culture Night.

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