Drunk Swede accused of running over police officer on Segway

Swedish authorities arrested a drunken man at the weekend for allegedly running over a police officer with a Segway during an attempted getaway.

The unnamed individual had reportedly showed up at the Crown Nightclub in the city of Malmö in the early morning hours last Thursday, hoping to get inside for a drink. However, when he was told that the establishment was already closed, the man allegedly remained outside the front door, yelling and banging in frustration.

Two police officers on bicycles then responded to the scene following a call from local residents. Their arrival apparently caught the suspect off guard, prompting him to jump on a nearby Segway and attack the officers, one of who was reportedly rammed and run-over.

Anders Lindell told the media on behalf of the Malmö police, “He is suspected of assaulting a police officer and violently resisting arrest for having driven over a police officers with a Segway.”

Although the officer said that the incident was painful, he suffered only minor injuries. The assailant is also suspected of theft for trying to escape on the Segway.

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