Icelandic Skyr launched across U.S. gourmet food chain The Fresh Market

Popular Icelandic dairy product Skyr has recently been launched across the U.S. in the gourmet supermarket chain The Fresh Market.

The Fresh Market is known for providing quality foods from Europe to the U.S. market in a friendly atmosphere. For 30 years, The Fresh Market has grown due to its dedication to its customers who enjoy high quality products.

Following a recent trip to Iceland, Australian actor Russell Crowe Tweeted “I seem to have left Iceland with an addiction to Skyr… can you buy it anywhere else in the world?” This could have helped launch the popularity of the dairy product outside of Iceland.

The manufacturer of Skyr Iceland, MS Iceland Dairies, has received many enquiries over the past few weeks about Icelandic Skyr and as to where it is available. “People from all over the world have been contacting us through our website and asking where they can purchase Skyr from within their home countries. It seems that many want to try Skyr and find out what all the fuss is about,” says Guðný Steinsdóttir, Marketing Manager for MS Iceland Dairies.

Due to its high protein and low fat content, Skyr is ideal for active people as a supplement for a healthy lifestyle. The centuries old Icelandic yogurt, which is regarded as a national treasure by many, certainly contributes to making Icelanders the people in Europe with the longest lifespan.

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