Thomas Cook furthers customer service with Advania and Interactive Intelligence

Thomas Cook Northern Europe has furthered its customer service by investing in a Customer Interaction Center (CIC) from Advania, based on a platform from Interactive Intelligence. The venture, which is began in May, covers 200 agents across the Nordic countries.

The goal is to create the best meeting experience for all clients who contacts the group’s different travel agents. The new solutions should be fully implemented all over the Nordic countries before the turn of the year.

“Our current solution meant that our travel advisors had to keep all the different interfaces for the different medias such as chat, mail, and calling in check. With this new platform, travel advisors get an all-in-one interface for all media, making customer service faster and more effective, as well as giving the customer a better service,” said Tommy Jakobsson, IT-strategist at Thomas Cook Northern Europe.

Thomas Cook’s business mainly consists of Charter travels and small scale regular flight schedules. The greater part of the customers book their trips straight from different travel agents’ websites, but many of them wish to have a direct contact with an advisor who can answer questions, advice on activities, and offer alternatives.

“Parallell to procurement, we had talks with Gartner about which all-inclusive system solution we should use and they recommended the Interactive Intelligence CIC platform as the best alternative for our type of organisation. CIC is an open standard system and can therefore, amongst other things, connect it to our contact center solution with our existing CRM-system, which gives the customers a better service in time and not only during the point of sale,” explained Jakobsson.

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