Bomb threat defused at Keflavik International Airport in Iceland

An Airbus aircraft from the Russian airline Aeroflot landed early this morning at Keflavik International Airport in Iceland after American authorities received an anonymous phone call claiming there to be five bags on board containing explosives.

The airplane, carrying 253 passengers, was on its way from New York to Moscow when the phone call was made. According to the anonymous informer, the explosives were set to explode upon landing in Moscow.

At 4:30 am GMT this morning, the Aeroflot pilot requested an emergency landing at Keflavik Airport. The rescue team was put on alert and standard security procedures were put in place. Explosives detection was carried out after the plane landed safely at 6:29 am. All actions were coordinated in cooperation with police and Keflavik Airport.

The bomb threat, along with heavy fog in the southwest of Iceland this morning, caused minor delays for international flights. Efforts have been made to put the planes back on schedule after the threat was defused and the fog lifted.