Majority of Danes support cannabis legalisation

denmark flagA new survey has suggested that most Danish residents support the legalisation of cannabis.

The report, which follows the rejection of an initial step toward cannabis legalisation by Danish government in May, comes via research commissioned by the far-left Enhedslisten Party.

Researchers reportedly surveyed some 1,000 Danes for the study, 53 per cent of which said that they were in favour of the government overseeing the sale of cannabis. Meanwhile, only 25 per cent of respondents said that they were against such measures, whilst 22 per cent were neutral on the issues.

Opponents say that legalising the drug would have too many negative repercussions, including an increase in cannabis consumption as well as social and health-related concerns.

However, Pernille Skipper said on behalf of Enhedslisten, “smoking cannabis is common but it is not regulated. It should be better controlled so we can advise users to ensure they do not consume high levels of THC and to make sure children cannot buy it. We will also be reducing the income of many organised criminals that currently earn a lot of money from it,” the MetroXpress news agency reports.

Socialistiske Folkeparti spokesperson Karina Lorentzen Dehnhardt responded, “there are obvious advantages that Pernille Skipper outlines, but there are also difficult and complicated legal, social and health issues too. That is why we propose establishing a cannabis commission to make suggestions to reduce the number of abusers,” she said.