Reports: Al Qaeda-trained Norwegian ready for attack

A Norwegian national has been trained by Al-Qaeda to attack a target in the West, according to media reports. The information on the man in his 30s was given to the Associated Press (AP) by anonymous security officials.

The sources told the news agency that the man has no criminal record and is not from an immigrant background. “Not even a parking ticket. He’s completely clean and he can travel anywhere,” the official apparently stated.

They believe he converted to Islam in 2008, became radicalised and went to Yemen for training, where he reportedly remains waiting for an assignment.

Trond Hugubakken, spokesman for the Norway Police Security Service (PST), refused to comment on the rumours and referred AP to the organisation’s latest Threat Assessment Report.

“Persons in the extreme Islamist networks are involved in activities of a more operational nature than before,” the February report reads. “Many of these people travel to conflict areas to receive training, combat experience and meet international contacts. These types of stays may affect the individual’s desire and ability to plan acts of terrorism in this country.”