Helsinki hockey prediction octopus ‘misunderstood’

Finland’s sports soothsaying octopus was “misunderstood” when he predicted that his home nation would win this year’s Ice Hockey World Championships, according to his supporters. Staff at Helsinki’s Sea Life Centre say Jacques the octopus, or Jakki as he is affectionately known, is not ready to give up fortune telling yet ,despite Finland losing both the semi-final to Russia this weekend and their bronze medal match against the Czech Republic.

Jakki was originally put to the test after Paul the octopus, from a Sea Life Centre in southern England, became famous for accurately predicting the results of the German national team and the final of the 2010 World Cup. As with Paul, Jakki was presented with two food boxes, identical apart from the national flags printed on their covers.

Sea Life Centre staff in Helsinki reported on Friday that Jakki had confidently selected the blue and white Finland flag when presented with the options for the winner of Saturday’s hockey semi final against Russia. After the 6-2 defeat, however, employee Mirkka Anttila says there is an explanation for the octopus’s error.

“Jakki is still a very young octopus and has only just arrived from France. A bronze medal is still possible. Jakki wrapped his tentacles around the blue-crossed flag so tenaciously,” she said. “Still, Jakki is a very enthusiastic fortune-teller, so he will no doubt continue to make forecasts in some form,” Anttila added, according to YLE.