Icelandair reopens Saga Lounge at Keflavík Airport for summer flights

Icelandair, Iceland’s leading airline, recently reopened its Saga Lounge at Keflavík Airport in Iceland in time for its extensive summer flight schedule. The airline’s newly refurbished lounge is ready to accommodate the masses of Icelandair passengers due to pass through Keflavík Airport this summer.

The new Icelandair Saga Lounge was designed by Icelandic interior designers Eggert Ketilsson and Stígur Steinþórsson. After extensive modifications, the brighter, more spacious lounge is accompanied by furniture and decor based on Icelandic nature and culture – the new lounge also honours the airline’s 75-year history with photographs and artwork.

The lounge was strategically reopened in time to accommodate the large number of passengers expected to pass through Keflavík Airport this summer and throughout the year. In 2011, 541,000 foreign tourists passed through Keflavík Airport; a record figure and 18 percent more than in 2010.

In addition, Icelandair’s 2011 passenger numbers reached 1.75 million; a fifth more than the year before. Furthermore, the airline has expanded its flight schedule extensively for 2012 and the new lounge is set to accommodate the increasing volume of Saga Class passengers at Keflavík Airport.

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