Finnish women inject Botox into social lives

‘Botox parties’, where groups of women gather to inject themselves with the muscle paralysing agent, are becoming more popular in Finland, according to reports.

The trend of having treatments in groups first started in the US, spread to Helsinki and is now becoming more common in rural parts of Finland.

Botox, which works by paralysing facial muscles, is the most popular party procedure, but other dermal fillers and plumping agents are also being regularly injected.

“The field has really picked up,” said Mirja Halonen, a consultant at The Look beauty clinic, which has offices in a number of Finnish cities. She added that the company has started throwing “injectable parties” at salons and in homes around the country.

“The time and place don’t matter as long as the injector’s hands are protected and the area to be treated is disinfected,” Halonen said in a report by YLE.

The parties also involve group plastic surgery consultations, with Halonen claiming that more Finnish women than ever are interested in going under the knife. According to her, bottom implants will soon surpass breast augmentation as the most popular procedure.

“In spring and summer we perform four surgeries per day. We’re already fully booked. Butt implants will be the next big thing,” she told YLE.