Homophobic Reggae star’s Stockholm concert cancelled

A Jamaican reggae star, who sings about killing and burning homosexuals, has been prevented from performing in Stockholm after news of his upcoming concert sparked an outcry among residents.

Sizzla, full name Sizzla Kalonji, was due to appear at the Hornstull Strand on 28th March, but the show has been cancelled after organisers accepted that his lyrics breach their code of conduct.

Currently on a tour entitled ‘The Reggae Compassionate Act’, Sizzla has been met by protests from the gay community in many of the 18 European cities where he has already appeared. Members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community (LGBT) in Sweden say the singer is advocating violence towards gay people, and started a petition to stop Sizzla performing in Stockholm.

Sizzla, 35, has already been banned from appearing in England and Canada, but was allowed to play in Sweden as recently as 2009.

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