Psych results back in Helsinki tramp burning case

Psychiatric evaluations of three people accused of burning a tramp to death as he slept at a Helsinki bus stop have concluded that only one man is of unsound mind.

Another man and a woman, who allegedly set the man alight on a whim, can be held responsible for their actions.

Helsinki District Court ordered that the three undergo psychiatric evaluations after the gruesome killing in July 2011. An interim ruling in November found that the 30-year-old man, the 34-year-old man and the 28-year-old woman set the 44-year-old homeless man alight while he was sleeping at a tram stop in Helsinki’s Kamppi district.

All three were arrested soon after, as the crime was captured on CCTV. The trio, who knew the victim, claimed they were drunk and had not planned the killing.

The designation of the crime has not yet been decided, but the prosecution is calling for life sentences to the two defendants who have been deemed to be sane. Sentencing is expected at the beginning of April.