Dane admits social worker murder

A Danish man who spent several days in a coma after he crashed his car in a dramatic police chase has admitted murdering a female social worker earlier this month.

Kristian Heilmann, 39, however denied that he raped or attempted to rape 46-year-old Judy Meiniche Simonsen in Vioborg.

The woman’s body, which had stab wounds and bore the signs of sexual assault, was found in an ice house near Simonsen’s place of work on 7th February. Heilmann and Simonsen went for a walk together the day before, but staff at the Blåkærgård care home raised the alarm when their colleague failed to return after several hours.

Heilmann was arrested two days later but was left seriously injured when he crashed his car trying to flee the police. He was kept in an artificial coma at Aarhus Hospital but has now recovered enough to enter at plea at Viborg Court.

After Heilmann admitted his guilt, the court was closed to the public on the grounds that the accused is a psychiatric patient.

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