Son admits kidnapping himself

A Swedish man has been arrested after admitting that he faked his own kidnapping in order to extort money from his parents.

The 29 year-old and his accomplice persuaded the worried parents to part with SEK 15,000 (EUR 1,704) to ensure their son’s ‘release’.

“The son allegedly called his parents saying he had been kidnapped and subjected to threats and violence,” prosecutor Kjell Janneson told local paper Västerbottenskuriren.

After handing over the money however, the parents called the police who questioned the man’s associates. It was revealed that he had been staying with the accomplice in Umeå, northern Sweden, when the supposed crime took place.

Several hotels in the area also claimed the 29 year-old had failed to pay his bills in the days leading up to the bluff. He was arrested six days after police opened their investigation and has admitted to extortion, fraud and narcotics crimes.

According to Västerbottenskuriren, the accused also has two previous convictions for narcotics crimes as well as for robbery and assault.