The Independent travel recommends Iceland for Northern Lights holiday

In a recent article published in The Independent, travel expert Simon Calder recommended Iceland as a destination to experience the Northern Lights this winter.

With an increase in Aurora activity set to take place in winter 2012/2013, Calder suggests you start planning for next winter so you don’t miss the electrifying heavens above.

“The thrilling phosphorescence involves the solar wind being coaxed to earth and concentrated into heavenly highways by the earth’s magnetic field. Electrically charged particles emitted by the sun are dragged into high-energy collisions with the nitrogen and oxygen that make up most of our air. Aggregated in their billions at night, the resulting spectacle dazzles the lucky few humans with a view of the upper atmosphere,” described Calder.

He continued, “On a cold, clear and dark winter’s night, the horizon can quickly fill with colour, from intense greens and blues to soft pinks and silvers, in contorted bands that dance in time with surges from the sun and illuminate the frozen landscape.”

In particular, Calder recommends the Icelandair “Northern Lights City Break” package deal, which includes return flights from Heathrow, Manchester or Glasgow, three-night accommodation in two-star accommodation with breakfast and a Northern Lights tour on day two of the trip.

For those en route to Boston, New York, Orlando, Washington or Seattle, Calder recommends a short stopover in Reykjavik to experience the Aurora Borealis.

For more information about the Icelandair “Northern Lights City Break” package deal, visit

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