Swede murdered grandmother over car dispute

A Swedish man has been formally charged with killing his grandmother because she would not allow him to borrow her car.

The unnamed 22 year-old suspect, from the city of Boras in western Sweden, allegedly stabbed, suffocated and beat his 84 year-old grandmother to death in October following an argument, the Boras Tidningen reports.

Following the incident, the man then allegedly took the woman’s phone and sped away in her car before running off the road calling his mother, who came to pick him up.

Charges were officially filed on Monday, with prosecutors reporting that they had gathered “solid evidence” to demonstrate that the man had in fact committed the crime.

Lead prosecutor Daniel Edsbagge said to Boras Tidningen reporters, “One can only speculate as to why he was so determined to borrow the grandmother’s car. An educated guess could be that drugs may have had something to do with it.”

Media reports have suggested that the suspect had previously enjoyed a good relationship with his grandmother and that alcohol and drugs are thought to have led to the argument. He had also reportedly been charged with a handful of other crimes in the months leading up to the incident, including petty theft, drug offences and attempted assault.