Sports pundits announce women’s naked relay

A Swedish sports pundit may be reprimanded after jokingly announcing a women’s naked relay event while thinking he was off air.

A family of sports enthusiasts from Motala complained to TV4 after the inappropriate sound-check apparently went out live before coverage of a biathlon competition in Hochfilzen, Austria.

”They didn’t seem aware that they were on air. Suddenly the reporter says ‘Hi and welcome to the women’s naked relay’,” said Johanna Engström to daily Aftonbladet. ”It is obviously not family friendly to watch the biathlon any longer,” she added, urging the presenters to be more wary of what they broadcast.

Engström claims the goof was aired on TV4’s Premium pay service, where subscribers get 15 minutes of extra sports coverage instead of commercials. In an email to Aftonbladet, the programme’s editor Fredrik Olofson, however, said he did not catch the comment, but admitted that presenters have been known to get a little rowdy before the show airs.

“But if the reporter said something like that while we were rehearsing I will naturally remind him that we shouldn’t be silly in rehearsal,” Olofson promised the paper.