Amager Attacker found guilty

Marcel Lychau Hansen, the so-called ‘Amager Attacker’, has been found guilty on all-but-one of the counts against him, making him modern Denmark’s worst serial rapist and murderer.

The 46 year-old has been convicted of two murders and six rapes in a campaign of terror which spooked the Copenhagen district for more than 23 years.

According to police, the ‘family man’ conspired with another rapist to smuggle his semen out of jail and spread it at the scene of a new rape to prove his innocence while incarcerated. With ‘million-to-one’ DNA evidence linking him to most of the crimes, Hansen apparently planned to prove that the perpetrator must have the exact genetic profile as him.

After six weeks of testimony from more than 50 witnesses, the jury at Copenhagen City Court found the father-of-two guilty on Monday. During his closing arguments last week, Hansen said himself that, “the person who did these things must be sick in the head, a psychopath who hates women,” but maintained he was not to blame.

As well as strong DNA evidence at several sites, an exact hand print at the scene of a rape in a university dormitory and a shoe print at the apartment of a murdered 73 year-old also pointed to Hansen. In addition, a distinctive heart-design condom from the same box found in Hansen’s kitchen was discovered 50 metres from another rape site. Several victims and family members testified against the former football coach and airport worker.

The only count Hansen was not convicted on was the sexual assault and near-strangulation of a woman in 2007. In this case, the DNA evidence was only a 2,200-to-one match to Hansen, and the victim could only identify him by his green Adidas trainers.