Councillors ‘should eat like the elderly’

Lawmakers in Copenhagen could be served with the same ‘meals on wheels’ food that is fed to the area’s elderly if a local councillor gets his way.

Jørgen Dich, from Allerød Town Council in the north of the city, said he and his peers should also have to eat the ‘box meals’, which are all now prepared in the neighbouring town of Hillerød, instead of individual care home kitchens.

The council recently approved the plan to close all kitchens in nursing homes and make large batches of meals for the elderly in one central location. It is expected to save DKK 3 million (EUR 404,000) every year, but many think the mass produced dishes will be lacking in flavour and nutrition.

Dich is calling for the same grub to be served at the town hall at lunch time and after council meetings. “If we can serve this to our elderly, we can serve it to town hall employees,” he told the newspaper Frediksborg Amts Avis.