Headteacher describes rape claim as trivial

A high school headteacher in Stockholm has been reported to the Equality Ombudsman after allegedly telling a girl complaining of rape that “you have to get used to it”.

According to a report filed with the Schools Inspectorate, the principal of the school in Taby also discouraged the teenager from filing a police report, claiming no serious crime had been committed.

The student claims that after telling her headteacher that she was raped by a male peer in February and March this year, he said, “You file a police report if you want, although this is not a prioritised case as no serious crime has been committed.” He then allegedly added, “Guys do this kind of thing, you have to get used to it.”

The girl’s mother also said that when she phoned the school to complain, she was told that her daughter “should concentrate on her studies” and “stop focusing on these trivialities”.

The alleged victim has now left the school, and the country, saying she was subjected to harassment and bullying by both fellow students and teachers.

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