Man given licence to kill…squirrel driving him nuts

A cheeky Swedish squirrel may have cracked its last nut, after a man from the neighbourhood it has been ‘terrorising’ was given permission to kill it.

According to an article in the Expressen newspaper, the furry fiend has been letting itself into houses in the leafy Stockholm suburb of Enskede and leaving behind a trail of devastation.

After considering a request for two months, the County Administrative Board has given the local police the authority to approve the resident’s request to kill the brutish beast. Should he succeed, the blood-thirsty hunter will have to bear the cost of safely disposing of the carcass himself.

Not everyone agrees with the ruling, however, with Jonas Wahlstorm of the Skansen aquarium suggesting to Expressen that such a lengthy consultation to decide the fate of a small and typically-harmless animal is over-the-top and cruel.

“Just put up a small budgie cage in a tree, put in some squirrel food and open the cage up,” Wahlstrom told the newspaper. “The grateful squirrel will then naturally climb inside and start to munch on the food. Through a long thread attached to the opening of the cage you can then close the gate. Then you just take it away,” he said.