Generic pharmaceutical company to aid Libya in crisis

Leading generic pharmaceuticals company Actavis recently sent 170 pallets of medicine from Malta to Tripoli, Libya to aid civilians in the crisis. The donation includes cardiology, anti-infective, pain management and gastrointestinal products amongst others.

Dr. Mohammed Sayeh, Senior Member of the National Transitional Council of Libya, said, “I personally thank Actavis on behalf of the Libyan people for this generous offer and the Maltese government for making this shipment possible. Malta has always been an exemplary neighbouring country to Libya. Malta never refused to offer support to the Libyan people and is continuing to show solidarity in this moment of crises and difficulty.”

Actavis CEO Claudio Albrecht commented, “We know Libya is faced with shortages of essential supplies. Actavis is one of the world’s largest generic pharmaceutical companies and takes its social responsibility very seriously. That’s why Actavis donates EUR2M worth of medicines to Libya now. The goods left Malta last Sunday and are due to arrive in Tripoli this week.”

Albrecht continued, “Without Malta’s help in coordinating this, the donation wouldn’t have been possible in this short period of time.”

The company’s donation will be sent to the Medical Supply Organisation within the Ministry of Health in Libya, for distribution to all affected areas within the country.