Laughing Swede to be evicted from apartment

A Swedish man has been told that he may have to move out of his home because other residents are fed up with being disturbed by his laughter.

The Gothenberg man, who is said to be middle-aged, has admitted that he is a huge fan of the Pilsner comedy films which were produced in the 1930s and 1940s.

Because the man finds it so hard to control the volume of his laughter, fellow residents of the block in which he rents a flat have appealed for help from the managers of the residence. According to Posideon, which is in charge of the property, the man is particularly keen on watching the comedies as other tenants are trying to sleep.

Posideon claims that it has given the man ample warning about his behaviour but that he refuses to stop watching the films at inappropriate times and still cannot control his reaction to them. The case was brought to the attention of the local rental tribunal. They found in favour of the mirth-filled tenant.

Not happy with the decision, western Sweden’s Court of Appeal was asked to intervene. It decided that the man’s loud and recurrent bouts of laughter were sufficient grounds for eviction and that the other residents should not have to put up with such a disturbance.

GT newspaper reported that although the main bone of contention was the man’s extraordinary lungs, his landlady was also unhappy with his habit of feeding the local birds from the balcony.