Photo of Norwegian mass murderer released

A photograph taken by a CCTV camera of Anders Behring Breivik wandering though the streets of Oslo wearing combat gear and holding a pistol has been published.

The picture of the mass murderer has featured in Norway’s ABC Nyheter newspaper alongside questions about why nothing was done to apprehend the killer or prevent a bomb going off in the capital just minutes later.

The picture was apparently taken in the government quarter of the city, and ABC Nyheter is wondering how nobody managed to raise the alarm. Government officials and the police are yet to provide an answer. Breivik killed eight people and caused many more injuries after he parked a van containing explosives in the centre of the city.

Having parked the van he walked to a car and went to the island of Utoya, which is around 40 minutes from the city. He then walked into a youth camp and opened fire on Labour Party members with an assortment of weapons killing 69 people as they attempted to flee. According to the killer, he decided to attack the Labour Party because it supports Islam’s attempts at dominating the planet.

It is assumed that Breivik planted the Oslo bomb as a distraction before heading to Utoya. Police were apparently not able to get to the holiday island as quickly as they should because of the lack of a helicopter and problems with their boat.

Many consider the attacks which took place on 22 July as the worst atrocities to have taken place on Norwegian soil since the war.