Turkish diplomat brings gun to ROJ-TV trial

Police are investigating after a diplomat from the Turkish embassy in Copenhagen was found to be armed at court proceedings against Kurdish broadcaster ROJ-TV, which is accused of supporting terrorism.

A Danish Kurd noticed the weapon during the session on Thursday, 1st September, and reported it to the defence lawyers who informed the judge and the police.

ROJ-TV, which is based in Copenhagen, is accused of supporting the PKK, a Kurdish separatist organisation which is listed by the United States and Europe as a terrorist organisation.

“This is scandalous. This is a case about terrorism in a bloody conflict with many dead Kurds and Turkish soldiers. It is terrible that anyone can even think about being armed in a Danish courtroom,” said Defence Attorney Bjorn Elmquist in a Politiken report.

Mikael Sjoberg, chairman of the country’s Judges Association, said he is “deeply concerned” by the issue. “This is completely unacceptable. There are no special rules for diplomats. You are not allowed to carry weapons, and certainly not in a courtroom,” he said.

Despite the local police being responsible for the security at the court, the matter has now been referred to the Danish Security and Intelligence Service, PET, which deals with issues regarding diplomats. “The Turkish Embassy has been called to a meeting with PET. They have been told that bearing arms in a Danish courtroom must never be repeated,” a PET spokesperson told Politiken.

The diplomat was, however, legally allowed to carry the gun. “We have now taken the initiative to review all embassy personnel weapons licences in order to clarify the conditions under which these licences are given,” the spokesperson added.