Father charged with killing daughters in car fire

A Danish father, whose two daughters were found burnt to death in the back seat of a car, is being charged with their murder after an autopsy revealed they had been drugged with sleeping pills.

The fire, which occurred near Berlin earlier this month, has been reconstructed by German police, with the results of the test exposing inconsistencies in the father’s story.

The man, who is still in hospital suffering with extensive burns, was spotted staggering around in a forest 20km from Berlin on 12th August. The two girls, aged nine and ten, were found to have been alive when the car was set alight. Their disorientated father claimed it had been a tragic accident.

“We have used the same type of car in different tests where we have set it on fire. The results contradict what the father has said,” German state attorney Tom Kopping said told Politiken. “We doubt there was an accident and are now treating the case as a double murder,” he added.