Duellers jailed after hitting bum note

A gun duel, which saw one man being shot in the buttock and the other in the chest, has resulted in five-year prison sentences for both the survivors.

The two men, from Kalmar, southern Sweden, decided on the antiquated method to settle on old score on 1st April last year.

Far from an April Fool’s joke, however, both men ended up in hospital after a 38 year-old, who had brought a friend along, shot his 42 year-old rival in the left buttock. Once on the ground, the man was then beaten and sprayed with tear gas by the other two before he reached for his own gun, shooting the 38 year-old in the chest and the hip.

Both men survived the incident, which was organised as a game of ‘last man standing’ over a text message. They told the court they were acting in self defence, but were both charged with attempted murder on Tuesday 18th July and sentenced to five years behind bars each. The 29 year-old accomplice was also given a three-year sentence, reports local paper Barometern.

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