Investigation launched after Facebook party crimes

Finnish police have begun an investigation after a huge gathering of youngsters organised on Facebook resulted in rapes, assaults and vandalism. The so-called ‘Botéllon’ event, which takes its name from the Spanish word for ‘big bottle’, took place in Kupittaa Park in Turku, southern Finland, on Saturday (July 16) and was attended by between 2,000 and 3,000 revellers.

Police report that many of the partygoers became extremely intoxicated as the night progressed, with both officers and medical teams finding it difficult to move around the park because of the crowds. A large bonfire was lit at one point and there were reports to vehicles being damaged, physical assaults and at least one rape.

Impromptu botéllons, which originated in Spain, are now often thrown by youngsters across the globe as an alternative of going to a pub or club. They are usually held on beaches or in the countryside, but often take place in parks in urban areas.

Turku Police say the number of complaints received at the event far outweighs previous gatherings of this kind. Inspector Raimo Erkkila also stressed that such parties require public order supervisors and an official organiser to be legal in Finland.