Nordic Coastal Cultural Festival kicks off in Husavik Iceland

The Nordic Coastal Cultural Festival, Sail Husavik, kicks off in North Iceland this summer, taking place between 16th and 23rd July. The festival is divided into two parts: the journey to Husavik, which many are taking by boat, and the series of activities and events taking place in the town.

The Sail Husavik festival is the beginning of an extensive Nordic cooperation that focuses on individuals, institutions and associations through a series of annual festivals – the first festival is being held in Husavik, and will consequently be held annually in different Nordic countries starting with Denmark in 2012.

The festival will host some of the most qualified professional people within institutions that deal with environmental questions, archaeology, food culture, dance or handicrafts related to coastlines and the ocean. The purpose of the festival is to preserve clean and healthy oceans and respect Nordic cultural heritage in the coastal regions.

In addition to this, the festival organisers aim to support coastal developments and cultures, making people conscious of this part of each country’s cultural heritage, and this part of the earth’s ecological system and the threats that are eminent. The festival will be a forum for amateurs and specialists to meet, to learn, to exchange information and ideas and to create relationships and networks.

Events and activities taking place at Sail Husavik 2011 include exhibitions, handicraft workshops, kayaking courses, seminars, and much more.

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