Bin Laden ‘had designs on Denmark’

Osama bin Laden encouraged jihadists to commit acts of terrorism in Denmark, according to materials apparently seized by the American military at his home.

The officials did not give specific details about the planned attacks, but it is thought that several prime locations had been earmarked as targets.

Intelligence officials told the AP news agency that the former world’s most-wanted was intent on seeing Danes punished for the controversial cartoons of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed that were published by Jyllands-Posten newspaper in 2005. Widespread protests across the Muslim world followed the publication, including the boycott of Danish products, burning of the national flag and attacks on embassies.

Fatwas were issued by al-Qaida officials against the newspaper’s editors and cartoonists, with police foiling several assassination attempts against Kurt Westergaard, who draw the most controversial of the pictures – an image of the Prophet hiding a bomb under his turban.

The information relating to Denmark was apparently found at Bin Laden’s house in Pakistan during the raid on 2nd May, in which the notorious terrorist was killed by US navy seals. He had apparently urged all al-Qaida members living in European cities to carry out attacks before Christmas last year.

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