Technology to further ‘outsmart’ Finnish energy meters

Residences and businesses across Finland may soon start employing new devices to provide further aid in their drive for energy efficiency.

The technology comes via Finnish energy firm Fortum and a pilot programme is aiming to further top the already-smart technology found in energy meters throughout the country. The company said that a second pilot scheme would be starting soon.

The “smart meter” devices, produced by Echelon Corporation, have been specifically designed to aid utility organisations connect with building control and information devices such as thermostats, motion detectors, load controllers and in-home displays.

Echelon said that the new CNX 3000 module would enable Fortum to utilise Echelon Control Operating System software in order to provide new information and controls in the effort of energy efficiency. The new technology will also be able to provide residents and building owners/operators with information regarding patterns in energy usage as well as the ability to have better control over consumption habits.

The software was initially introduced in autumn last year and runs on the Echelon Edge Control Node. It is the first ever utility platform for open-standard controls and has the ability to run third party apps on the edges of the grid system.

Fortum is Norway’s biggest utility in Finland and has other operations in Russia and throughout the Baltic and Nordic regions.

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