Oslo: the world capital of electric cars

Despite gaining its wealth from oil, Norway has becoming the world’s biggest user of electric cars.

The Nordic country boasts nearly 4,000 silent and emission-free electric vehicles, primarily in Oslo and the other main cities, users of which get to park for free in city centres and are exempt from pricey congestion charges.

Rune Haaland of Norstart’s electric car users association said to the AFP whilst standing in front of an electric car-only car park in Oslo: “There are more electric cars per capita here than in any other capital of the world.”
Experts say that the number of electric cars on the road in Norway continues to climb as companies introduce new models. Among them is Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV, which recently became the most popular ever electric car in Norway. Bernt Jessen of Mitsubishi Norway told the AFP: “We were planning to sell 400 units (cars) in Norway this year, and we are already at 700. We think we will ultimately reach 1,000.”

Oslo, and all of Norway, have earned their status as the electric car capital through ambitious carbon-cutting programmes and incentives for motorists. Drivers of approved vehicles are able to utilise bus-only lanes to fly by peak congestion and take advantage of designated parking upon arrival in the city.

Scientists have estimated that electric vehicles on the roads in Norway save in excess of 6,000 tonnes of CO2 every year.

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