Russia-Denmark relations advance with energy agreement

Business between Denmark and Russia will take a step forward this year via new energy initiatives.

2011 will see Russia begin to supply natural gas to Denmark upon the commencement of Nord Stream pipeline operations. In return, Copenhagen has said it will help Russia with implementing additional energy projects.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visited Copenhagen last week to discuss a set of promising agreements with Lars Lokke Rasmussen and other Danish officials. His efforts proved to be successful as both countries appeared interested in a number of energy deals and expressed excitement over the Nord Stream project.
Mr Putin said: “The sea leg will be commissioned on 15 May. Everything is going on smoothly, and no environmental damage has been reported. In July we will start the supplies of technical gas, and European consumers, including those in Denmark, may expect first supplies of our gas in the autumn,” the Voice of Russia reports.

Among other initiatives, the two nations have agreed to invest in energy efficiency and innovation via a bi-national energy centre headed by both Denmark’s Danfoss and Russia’s Renova-Story Group.

The relationship between the two nations continues to grow after Denmark was the first nation to sign off on the Nord Stream pipeline. There are now some 200 Danish companies working in Russia, most of which are energy firms though there are also pharmaceutical and cancer research firms. Russia has invested substantially in Denmark’s pharmaceutical industry.