Greek diplomat sacked in Swedish rape row

A Greek diplomat working in Stockholm has been fired after claiming that Sweden should be ashamed of the behaviour of its women. The controversial comments were made after a Swedish woman, who claims she was raped while on holiday on the island of Samos, was ordered to appear in a Greek court charged with slander.

According to a programme on TV4, the woman reported the rape on the last day of her holiday before returning to Sweden and having her story backed up by the results of a medical examination.

In response to the news that the woman is now being counter-sued, a man from Vaxio, Jan Tordsson, sent a letter to Stockholm’s Greek embassy to complain. A high diplomat responded with: “On the contrary my friend, it is you who should be ashamed over Swedish women’s behaviour, on holiday in all parts of the world and with what they do with foreigners in their own country.”

Speaking to TV4, Tordsson said he was completely shocked by the diplomat’s reply, adding that “He is insulting half of the Swedish people.”

Since the letter was leaked to the press the diplomat has been fired, while the Greek embassy has issued a statement claiming that his views about Swedish women are not shared by the mission itself.

Meanwhile, the controversy has been made all the more intense by rumours circulating in the Greek press about Swedish women insuring themselves against rape while abroad and then claiming money for consensual sex on their return home. In reality, no actual ‘rape insurance’ physically exists, although occasionally victims can receive compensation under certain clauses in some home insurance packages.

The accused Swede is due in court in Samos in May but is so far saying she will not attend.

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