Fraud-accused neuroscientists claims conspiracy

Scandal-plagued Danish neuroscientist Milena Penkowa has spoken out about the allegations of fraud against her, claiming her accusers are part of a conspiracy to discredit her. Speaking to Ekstra Bladet newspaper, the sacked University of Copenhagen professor said her enemies have made up sex scandals and are spreading lies about her in an attempt to ruin her reputation.

“There is a smear campaign going on against me as a person and as a scientist,” she told the newspaper. “They want to tear me down.”

Penkowa is accused of embezzling university funds and fabricating part of lab test results in her thesis. She, however, blames the loss of her professorship on her “adversaries”.

Ms Penkowa said that her research is both controversial and ground-breaking, and suggested that “strong forces” within her field were working against her. She added that all that concerns her is what her colleagues think of her work.

In the interview, Penkowa also said that she is now looking to work as a researcher either overseas or in Denmark’s private sector. She claims that she is already receiving job offers despite the controversy that surrounds her.