Volvo turns back on diva police

Volvo is refusing to issue any more patrol cars to the Norwegian police due their ever-increasing list of demands, according to reports. The Swedish carmaker provides four-wheel drive XC70 models to Swedish, British and Swiss police forces, but Norwegian officers apparently insist on 150 extras.

According to The Foreigner, demands from Norway include heated external mirrors, moulded floor mats and an automatic gearbox. The force has also apparently asked for anti-radiation shielding, two separate batteries and integrated blue lights.

After delivering the 200hp turbo-charged vehicles to Norway for a number of years, Volvo has now announced that the police will have to look elsewhere for their run-arounds, as they can no longer meet the extensive demands.

“We have chosen not to tender for new police vehicles, seeing no reason to comment about their requirements,” Tore Lovig, Head of Information for Volvo Norway, told Aftenposten.

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