Homemade guitar shotgun discovered in house

Details of a raid which uncovered guns disguised as everyday items in the house of a 54 year-old man have been revealed by Swedish police. Along with six more conventional weapons, police uncovered a hollowed out electric guitar with two shotgun barrels in the neck and a walking stick which had been converted into a rifle.

According to local newspaper Norrlandska Demokraten, the reformed alcoholic claimed the guns were “therapy to keep off the drink,” and described the modified guitar as “a fun thing that was not finished”.

Police believe the man may have been buying and selling stolen weapons after they found stickers bearing the emblems of three criminal gangs in his house. As well as the more unusual firearms, two revolvers, a Mauser rifle, a sawn-off shotgun and a sub-machine gun were also recovered.

The surprise sting took place in Lulea, northern Sweden, in November last year after officers received a tip-off about the arsenal of unlicensed firearms. The 54 year-old is now expected to face charges in relation to receiving stolen goods and aggravated weapons crimes, The Local reported.

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