Police relieved after bodily waste snares bank robber

A Swedish bank robber, who locked himself in a Danish safety deposit vault over a weekend, was caught after police extracted his DNA from a bag of urine that he threw at a security guard. The 27 year-old slung the unsavoury sack in the face of the guard after he gave chase as he attempted to escape from the Copenhagen bank on Monday morning.

The thief and his accomplice, who survived on just cornflakes and water during their two days spent in the vault last May, made use of plastic bags when nature called. While they managed to get away immediately after the robbery, the decision to discard the bag eventually led to one of the men’s downfall when police were able to identify him from his DNA.

The man was sentenced to 21 months in Jail by a Danish court this week. The 27 year-old admitted hiding in the bank vault but denied planning the heist.

In total, 140 safety deposit boxes were emptied of jewellery and cash. The convicted man’s three accomplices were never caught and the spoils, which amounted to around DKK 2.7 million (EUR 306,000), are still to be recovered.