Footballer attacked by restaurant girl gang

A Swedish footballer has been attacked by a gang of women after a dispute over a restaurant order. BK Hacken striker Mathias Ranegie was left bleeding heavily after being punched in the face by an enraged woman outside a Gothenburg café on Sunday (February 6).

Ranegie, who plays in Sweden’s top-flight Allvenskan league, was having breakfast with Turkish-league midfielder Gustav Svensson when the row erupted between the footballers and a table of seven women in their twenties who believed they had placed their order first.

“They wanted to take our food and started arguing with us, yelling a lot of s**t and behaving aggressively,” Ranegie told Expressen newspaper.

Police were called to the scene and Ranegie and Svensson were escorted out, but the women spilled onto the street after the footballers, according to reports. Police then witnessed one woman punch Ranegie in the face, leaving him bleeding heavily from the eyebrow.

“The police sat in their car across the street. I got a good hit and have a big scar on my face now. But what should I have done? I could not fight back against a girl,” he told Expressen.

One woman is now under official suspicion of assault while the rest have been reported by the footballers for mobbing.

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