More youngsters contemplate sex change

An increasing number of young people in Finland are considering sex change operations, according to a gay rights organisation. Seta, which arranges tests and consultations for people who think they are transgender, said interest in sex change procedures has risen dramatically over the past three years.

People making use of Seta’s services have risen from 40 in 2003 to 150 last year, with most of the sex change enquiries coming from the younger generation. The internet and societal openness in Finland are thought to have lowered the threshold for people considering gender realignment.

“We’ve had to change our services to better meet the needs of young transgender people and their families,” said Maarit Huuska of Seta’s Transgender Support Centre in a report by YLE.

Sex change procedures and research are carried out in the central hospitals in Tampere and Helsinki in Finland where a number of treatments are available for people who are tested and classified as transgender.

Many youths participate in transgender tests but the procedures are currently only available to those 18 or over.

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