Naked German women get lost in Swedish woods

A helicopter search party and sniffer dogs were called off in southern Sweden last week, after three naturist German ramblers found their way out of the woods by themselves.

The down-to-earth female campers, aged 40, 50 and 56, took a stroll ‘as nature intended’ in the forest by their holiday cottage at Langasjon Lake, near Karlshamn, at around 16.00 in the afternoon.

When they failed to return home, their fellow nudists back at the camp raised the alarm and called the police. The authorities deployed a team of sniffer dogs and a helicopter, but they were quickly called off again when the goose-pimpled trio returned six-and-a-half hours after they had set out.

The women told police that they had lost their way shortly after leaving the cottage grounds. They added that they were forced to grope around in the dark for at least an hour before they eventually found their way back to the light.